Plan For a Healthy Future And Retirement.

The Network Advantage Card will provide you discounted services
to guide you along the way

Network Advantage Card (NAC) is a membership organization created to connect themselves to benefits and services that focus on creating an overall healthy future and retirement, giving members the tools and resources needed to assist in the achievement of that goal. NAC is an organization that understands the importance of saving members time with making important lifestyle and financial choices. These personalized services provide value to the members that is not available in the current market. Adults in the stages of life planning will define their own success. Network Advantage Card provides custom-designed benefits and services for your everyday lifestyle changes. It is strictly designed to provide exceptional services and benefits to the growing population of adults in the stages of life planning. There is nothing else like Network Advantage Card available to adults in the stage of life planning.

Our Launch Special
Special offer: The Basic membership will be available for FREE to those who sign up.
You will be entitled to the following:
  • FREE Basic Membership
  • Network Advantage Card online Newsletter
  • Access to webinars
  • Free services and discounts on
    • Prescription drugs
    • Lab testing
    • MRI/CT scans
    • Hearing aids
    • Shopping discounts through the CashBack Rewards Mall
You can check out all of our available Discounted Benefits here.
What is the 'advantage' of having the NAC membership?
The NAC network is a group of people connected through the need for services and benefits relevant to their stage of life. This adult generation, no matter the age, grew up with personalized services. While the Internet is a good resource for researching services, NAC's personalized approach will cut the time members must spend trying to connect with quality resources. Saving time is an important feature of NAC membership. The services offered will be especially beneficial to adults in the stages of life planning. The advantage of being part of this network: NAC member benefits and services go beyond those offered by competitors.
How is Network Advantage Card (NAC) different from Competitors?
  • Network Advantage Card is non-partisan and does not advocate for any political interest or philosophy. It is not a lobbying organization.
  • NAC does not assign members to a single company with a sole provider contract.
  • NAC has a three-level membership tier. Your level determines the membership fee and the types of services available.
  • You don't have to wait until you're 50 to join.
  • In addition to the membership, NAC offers a health discount plan at an affordable price.
  • NAC does not endorse any of the companies contracted, nor does it collect royalty fees for the use of its name.
  • The NAC online Newsletter contains unbiased reporting on topics important to members. Other organizations provide their members with information from a partisan point of view.

How can I contact NAC?
There are two ways to contact us: