6 tips to Lose Unhealthy Belly Fat!

6 tips to Lose Unhealthy Belly Fat!

6 tips to lose unhealthy belly fatBelly fat is a hidden risk for many people, because it is easily disguised in otherwise healthy looking people. Generally speaking, the larger someone‚Äôs waist is, the higher the risk for health complications associated with abdominal fat. Located in the abdominal cavity, visceral fat presents unique risks because it encases many of the body’s vital organs. It can leak stored toxins, stress hormones and inflammation producing cytokines into your otherwise healthy organs. Insulin production is also affected, resulting in increased obesity and the risk for diabetes and heart disease.

Fortunately, there are quite a few ways to reduce excess belly fat, all of which only require adopting healthier lifestyle and nutrition habits. Whether its fine tuning your diet or improving exercise techniques, the following tips are proven to be useful to anyone who desires a smaller waistline.

Avoid Sugar and Sweeteners

A general rule of thumb is any kind of added sugar is very bad for the human body. Metabolized by the liver, larger quantities of sugar will be turned into fat to free up the organ for other tasks. This leads to increased belly fat and liver fat, which will only worsen the problem. The problem is especially true with sugary beverages like soda and fake juices. Whole fruit does not need to be avoided.

Eat More Protein

Studies show eating protein has an important role in weight loss. Lean meat burns calories during digestion and reduces further calorie consumption by reducing cravings. People who don’t eat meat can use protein supplements and varieties of plants instead. This habit can be continued after weight loss to sustain a healthy body.

Cutting Back on Carbs

Reducing carbohydrates is a well known way to lose belly fat. Studies show cutting carbs reduces appetites and result in 2-3 times more overall weight loss than merely reducing fat intake, especially around the organs and liver. Reducing carbohydrate intake to around 50 grams a day can silence your appetite and force your body to burn fat in a process known as ketosis. It also helps reduce water weight, which is another quick way to lose a few pounds.

Eating More Fiber

Fiber, especially viscous fiber, can help reduce body fat. Viscous fibers form a gel in the digestive system and slow down nutrient absorption and digestion, resulting in more satisfaction from meals and a reduced appetite. Studies show eating fiber over long periods of time can specifically target abdominal fat. Eating lots of fruits and vegetables as well as taking dietary supplements like glucomannan will yield results.

Aerobic Exercise

Aerobic exercise is the most important kind of workout for reducing abdominal fat, unlike sit-ups and crunches that do not target belly fat. Studies show activities like biking, running, walking and swimming, and other aerobic workouts can significantly reduce abdominal fat. Aerobic workouts have many other health benefits and are effective in maintaining a smaller waist.

Keep Track of What You Eat

It’s easy to misjudge exactly how much of each nutrient you are actually eating without tracking your diet. Many diets require certain percentages of protein and carbohydrate calories, which are difficult to measure without doing the math. This only needs to be done a few times before learning the specific characteristics of your favorite meals.

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