Why Drinking Water is Good for You

Why Drinking Water is Good for You

Why Drinking Water is Good for YouThe health benefits of water are numerous, so let’s look at a few important facts about water and our body. We are mostly water; Water composes 75% of your brain, 83% of your blood, 22% of your bones. Water functions in all areas of the body: digestion, absorption, circulation, creation of saliva, transport of nutrients and maintenance of body temperature.

When you are low on fluids the brain triggers the body’s thirst mechanism–which communicates through the pituitary gland–which then communicates with your kidneys and tells it how much water to excrete.

All fluids are good for hydration except alcohol, since alcohol interferes with the brain and kidney communications. This causes an excess of excretion of fluids which can lead to dehydration.

Water can help reduce your weight. Keep in mind that water takes up volume and burns calories. A good choice is to look for foods that are also high in water content to reduce weight (fruits, vegetables, soups, oatmeal, beans, chili). These foods are often high in fiber (another benefit) and require more chewing and takes more time to be absorbed into the body.

One easy way to reduce calories is to substitute water for high caloric drinks like milk shakes and sodas.

For people working out water and electrolytes are essential to maintain proper muscle profile. Without water your muscles shrink and are unable to perform to their maximum abilities. The American College of Sports Medicine recommends consuming about 17 ounces of fluid two hours before exercising. Once you start exercising, it is recommended that you continue to consume water to counter the effect of sweating.

One long known benefit to drinking water is making your skin look better. Hydration clearly shows in people’s skin and reduces wrinkles caused by dry skin.
When enough water is consumed, the kidneys take over–excreting excess fluids and the main toxin in the body, blood urea. The kidneys require water to maintain proper levels in the body. When urine has a strong color or odor, that might indicate that water is being withheld do to dehydration. This also increases the risk of kidney stones, a painful condition which increases in warm weather. Lack of proper amounts of water also leads to constipation by slowing down the gastrointestinal tract.

Alkaline water benefits

The pH, or potential hydrogen, scale runs from zero to fourteen, with 7 as the neutral middle. An acid is a substance with a pH of less than 7. A basic or alkaline substance has a pH of greater than 7.

To help maintain the proper balance of pH of our blood (7.365) it is suggested that we need to drink water at a pH level between 9 to 10. Drinking alkaline water helps the body to detoxify itself. Toxins are acids so to keep the balance you need to consume an abundance of alkaline buffers.

To keep our blood, the right pH, 7.365, we should drink water at a pH of about 9 to 10. Drinking alkaline water helps the body detoxify. Toxins are acids, and to maintain pH balance while you are detoxifying, one needs an abundance of alkaline buffers.

Heard enough news about water? Remember water, helps your body absorb nutrients, cushions your joints, removes waste, regulates body temperature, helps carry nutrients and oxygen to your cells, moistens oxygen for breathing, helps convert food to energy, protects and surrounds your vital organs helps your body absorb nutrients. So have a glass of water and remember 75 % of your brain is water.

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