Our airfare shopping engine does all the work for you, using a proprietary algorithm that scours the web for the lowest prices on the planet. Proprietoowha algo-what? That's just a fancy way of saying we use smart, complicated technology to show you fares in a simple, easy to navigate site designed to bring some joy to your trip planning. With time leftover to actually travel.

Want a flight from Osh Kosh to Kalamazoo that has Wi-Fi and live TV? We'll find it. Need to fly out on one airline and back home on another? No problem. Our innovative features like flight amenity listings, mix and match airline recommends, and, everyone's favorite–Price Drop Payback–arm you with "airfare intelligence" so you can make smart, confident travel decisions. Easy Peasy.


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CEO Jeff Klee founded the company, originally known as 1-800-Cheap-Air, with a college buddy in their dorm room waaay back in 1989. The two were planning a backpacking trip through Europe on a student’s budget and got a crash course in the intricacies of the airline biz. To fund his wanderlust, Klee began helping others find deals and book trips. Turns out, he was really good at it. The company took off and it was bye bye law school, hello CheapAir.

Today, Klee and the 50+ travel enthusiasts who make up the CheapAir team still take a creative approach to fare finding. We are proud to have a 100% local team, all American-based, who prides itself on giving awesome (and human) customer service, so trip planners get the best user experience on the planet. has helped over three million people buy plane tickets easily and with confidence. We’d love to help you too. Go on. Get out there and go somewhere.