Too Faced

Too Faced


Lessons From The Counter

Too Faced was born at the makeup counter. We know how to lovingly connect with women, helping them use makeup to realize their best selves. It’s in our DNA.
  • We inspire confidence.
  • We encourage and guide experimentation.
  • We start bold conversations and listen compassionately.
  • We provide a safe space for creativity where all are welcome.
  • We help women have fun, play, and dream big.
  • We take the mystery out of makeup.
  • We never intimidate. We nudge, we don’t judge.
  • We know from experience that beauty is personal—women live lives, not trends.
  • Every decision we make is in the service of celebrating women and all they do.


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With exuberant approach to everything we do:

We use the finest, cutting-edge ingredients to create innovative cruelty-free color cosmetics that women love to wear

We are unabashedly pink, pretty and feminine with a playful wink

We show you how to create different looks, inspire confidence to experiment, and encourage you to Own Your Pretty