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Recent News and Updates

Foods that Reduce Inflammation


What is Inflammation? Inflammation describes a condition where the body’s immune system responds to pathogens ingested with food and drinks, or physical damage broken skin and torn muscles from exercising. It causes compromised areas to swell with an influx of immune cells that heal injuries and fight infections. Why is Chronic Inflammation Bad? Chronic inflammation [Continue Reading…]

Getting Ready to File Your Taxes

Couple going over finances with an advisor

Tax time is always one of the most stressful times of the year and people are always filing later and later each year. What happens when either you can’t file on time or know that you cannot afford to pay taxes back before April 15th? Here’s a couple things that can help you decide how [Continue Reading…]

Why Drinking Water is Good for You

Water Splash

The health benefits of water are numerous, so let’s look at a few important facts about water and our body. We are mostly water; Water composes 75% of your brain, 83% of your blood, 22% of your bones. Water functions in all areas of the body: digestion, absorption, circulation, creation of saliva, transport of nutrients [Continue Reading…]