5 Tips to Help Manage Work Priorities

5 Tips to Help Manage Work Priorities

If you feel that your work life balance is teetering on the edge, isn’t it time to make changes before the problems overwhelm you?

Here are some tips to help with any situation, and even if your to-do list isn’t overwhelming yet, it’s best to start practicing these tips while it’s early. It’s always a fine line between busy and not-busy, and more often than not, you’ll be swamped with things to do before you’ve even realized it.

  1. Make a priority list of all your tasks.
    Everything is important to everyone, but on your list some still take precedence over others. Remember this is just a list, don’t even think about how to accomplish the goals just yet.

  2. Give yourself a realistic timeline.
    Estimate how much time it takes to complete your tasks while planning time for setbacks. You may find your prioirty list changing, but you may be able to get more done in a day by shifting things around. This also gives you a good sense to keep you on track with your schedules. It also feels great to complete a task earlier than your estimated time.

  3. Revise schedules before it starts getting too late.
    Your estimated timeline might actually take longer than you expected, but get ahead of it and see if you have to adjust your priorities and schedule before it’s too late to even shuffle things around.

  4. Don’t be afraid to ask for help.
    Swallow your pride and ask for help whenever you can. Things get done quicker with help, and the faster you finish your priority list, the less stress and anxiety you’ll be in.

  5. Breathe.
    People always forget to do this. Some lists are there because it’s what life gives you or you can’t help it. Take things for what they are, breathe, and realize things will get done one at a time.

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